Living Opportunities provides person-centric, continuous care for individuals who live in small groups of three to five people in Medford and Central Point. Some residents have complex physical and medical conditions; others require sophisticated communication techniques and behavioral support. No matter the type or level of care, our group homes are modern and well-maintained, and indistinguishable from other residences in their neighborhoods. For additional information, contact Ann Dahl, Director Residential Care @ 541.772.1503


We currently serve 60 individuals who live in their own apartments in our community.  Supports are designed specifically for each individual with their unique needs in mind. Some of these individuals need support 1-2 times per week with tasks like managing their checkbook and ordering medication from their pharmacy. Other people need 24-hour support availability to assure they are living healthy and safe in their own homes


Supported Living services are provided in an individual’s own home, where they choose, alone or with friends or family selected by the individual. We encourage our Supported Living participants to try new things and we incorporate new learning in the design of ongoing services and support.


Each person has unique abilities. We assist individuals as they identify and pursue their own passions and aspirations. Supported Living services facilitate participation in activities of special interest, volunteering, and social events that connect community members and lead to the formation of new relationships.


One of the most critical roles we play is helping individuals grow and foster healthy relationships. With independence can also come loneliness, so we’ve developed many strategies to promote companionship among community members and facilitate opportunities to engage with friends and family.


We strive to promote self-direction while assuring safety, health, and happiness through individualized skills training and structured systems that promote independence and self-management of daily activities. Staff monitor safety and progress, and are available for assistance 24 hours a day.

Living Opportunities provides Community Living Support for adults living in Jackson County.  At this time we are not providing In-Home supports to children.  If you would like to apply for services please download and complete the following application. Community Living Support Application. Please fill out all information with as much detail as possible as these applications will be reviewed by managers who will be serving your loved one. We will only be able to serve a few selected individuals due to numerous requests and the availability of qualified staff members. Please be patient as we process your application:

Mail: PO Box 1105, Medford Oregon 97501

Faxing to: 541-772-4116

Email to:


For additional information, contact Sara Davis, Director Supported Living @ 541.772.1503

Living Opportunities services are funded primarily by state and federal monies focused on Developmental Disabilities.  For information regarding eligibility for funding, contact Jackson County Developmental Disabilities Services 140 S Holly St  Medford OR 97504  541-774-8205