The Studio at Living Opportunities is a lively hub for creativity and connection open to all individuals across the Rogue Valley. Our workshops in painting, music, and other art forms are designed to be accessible for all community members, including those experiencing disabilities.

We believe that art speaks a universal language that becomes more meaningful the more it is shared. We hope you’ll join our colorful arts community by dropping by for a workshop, visiting our gallery, or attending a special event like furnARTure.

At The Studio at Living Opportunities, we cultivate the joy of self-expression through painting. The Studio provides workshop hours for both experienced and budding artists across the Rogue Valley and is inclusive to all. Artists living with disabilities work side-by-side with all types of people from the local community. They have the chance to build confidence, develop their artistic style, and express their individuality in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our art workshops take place from 12 – 3:30pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and are just $11 per hour for each participant. All art supplies are included—simply bring your enthusiasm! Studio staff and volunteers offer creative advice and encouragement to all artists. We hope to see you soon!

Our music program is constantly expanding at The Studio at Living Opportunities. If you’ve never played an instrument before and have always wanted to, or if you just want to improve your guitar skills, we have a class for you!

Want to learn basic chords and techniques on guitar and/or keyboard in a casual and welcoming environment? The School of Rock is the perfect place to start.

Jam Session is a fun and exploratory introduction to music using percussion instruments, keyboards, and guitars. This class is ideal for those interested in self-expression through music and lively social interaction.

The School of Rock takes place on Wednesdays from 12 – 1pm; Jam Session takes place Wednesdays from 2 – 3pm. To register for either class, call The Studio or drop by to pick up a registration form.

The Studio is forming a band! This new project aims to bring the community together to make music and support the arts through the creation of a unique, all-inclusive rock group. If you are a musician or singer who wants to make a positive impact while sharing your talents, call us to schedule an audition.

The Studio gallery houses an extraordinary variety of artwork from both Studio artists and artists from the local community. Visiting is very limited at this time due to Covid-19 restriction to our services. Monday through Friday we are happy to arrange 1:1 experiences to view our collection of fine art. Artwork is available for purchase and reasonably priced—you can decorate your home or purchase a special gift while supporting The Studio and our artists! Please call 541.261.5289 to schedule.

Whether helping with guitar and keyboard lessons, offering artistic advice, or simply engaging in friendly conversation, you will find that volunteering at the Studio at Living Opportunities is an incredibly rewarding experience. Even if you can’t carry a tune, or your self-portrait looks like a smiley face, don’t hesitate to join us! Artistic experience is not necessary. Please contact The Studio Coordinator for more information.

Come see the magic of the Studio in person! Browse our collection of local art available for purchase, with all proceeds going toward the artist and sustaining the Studio!

For additional information regarding The Studio and how you can help, contact Dan Mish, Director  @ 541.772.1503

Our Mission

The Studio at Living Opportunities provides workshops, instruction and events to promote independence, individuality, creativity and an income for artists with a wide range of disabilities. We strive to share the unique talents of the artists through the belief that creative expression is the common thread that joins us all.

An Inclusive Community Arts Center

“The light is shining bright at The Studio. Something I always dreamed of is at last coming true; a place where artists with disabilities can release their feelings through the visual arts. What a worthy cause that is!”
– Kim Novak, artist & actress




Established in 2004, The Studio began as a social enterprise to ­­­enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities, but has grown to become an art gallery and workshop open to everyone in the community. Today, Suite #1027 in the Rogue Valley Mall buzzes with the creative energy of artists and musicians throughout the week. Artists’ talents are nurtured by Studio Director Dan Mish, a fine artist who has been featured in major U.S. galleries and in collections worldwide.

The Studio regularly exhibits fine art in galleries throughout Southern Oregon. Artists and their works are featured in the media, at art shows, and community celebrations.  Studio artists have won competitions and have been awarded cash prizes, with their art displayed at the Smithsonian Institute and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Building on its success in the visual arts, The Studio began offering a music program in 2016.  The School of Rock provides community members of all abilities an opportunity to explore the guitar and keyboard in a supportive learning environment at a very affordable price.

The Studio is located within the Rogue Valley Mall in Suite #1027, just inside entrance #3 (the downstairs entrance next to Macy’s). For additional information regarding The Studio and how you can help, contact Dan Mish @ 541.261.5289 or 458.225.9410 .

Living Opportunities services are funded primarily by state and federal monies focused on Developmental Disabilities.  For information regarding eligibility for funding, contact Jackson County Developmental Disabilities Services 140 S Holly St  Medford OR 97504  541-774-8205