Living Opportunities, Inc. was founded in 1974 to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work, create, and learn in the community. At Living Opportunities, we have very big dreams. Deep within the soul of this organization, there is an ideal – that the epitome of success is that occasion when the people we are mission-driven to serve will live independently, experience meaningful and rewarding careers, and in that process, become truly self-sufficient.

Tim D'Alessandro

Board Chair

District Operations Manager
Rogue Valley Transportation
Board member since 2016

Hugo Sanchez

Board Treasurer

Participant Experience Advisor
Cutler Investment Group
Board member since 2019

CJ Shipley

Board Vice Chair

Commercial Insurance Broker
PayneWest Insurance
Board member since 2019

Sarah Lynch

Board Member

Vice President of Administration
Pacific Retirement Services
Board member since 2017

Polly Williams

Board Member

Program Officer
The Carpenter Foundation
Board member since 2013

Micah Shanks

Board Secretary

Chief Executive Officer
Lifeline Computer Solutions, Inc
Board member since 2019

Brent Kell

Board Member

Chief Executive Officer
Valley Immediate Care
Board member since 2014


Jim Norris

Chief Operating Officer

Staff member since 2016

Ann Dahl

Director of Residential Services

Staff member since 2003

Sara Davis

Director of Supported Living Services

Staff member since 1993

Dan Mish

Director of The Studio at Living Opportunities

Staff member since 2006

Jenny Lor

Director of Human Resources

Staff member since 2018

Amber Robles

Director of Employment Services

Staff member since 2000

David Van Hook

Director of IT

Staff member since 2007