02.24.11 / Kevin: A Supported Life

At Living Opportunities, we are in the business of providing support to people with developmental disabilities in all facets of their lives.  We help people identify their wants, needs and desires, then design individual supports, customized to ensure that the person will be safe, healthy and happy as he or she pursues their dreams.  Everything begins with the person figuring out the answer to one question—“What do I want?”  Each person’s answer is unique…


Kevin is one tough young man!  After living for some years at Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children in Portland, he moved to Living Opportunities’ Weaver House in February 2006, just before his 21st birthday.  Severe osteoporosis causes his bones to break very easily and he needs full assistance from others for all activities, including management of his g-tube feeding/hydration pump.  Kevin recognizes others by their voices and communicates very well with laughter and facial expressions.  He enjoys listening to music and nature sound recordings, especially whale songs, but his favorite activity at home is water play in the whirlpool bath.  He does miss his mother Tami, who lives in Prineville, but he relishes a visit whenever staff can arrange one.  Kevin likes going to concerts and pow-wows with his Out ‘n’ About support companion Tami Meeds.  Riding the elevator at the mall is fun, as are the Grower’s Market, The Farm and Old Time Fiddler’s square dances.  Kevin and Tami regularly participate in Relay for Life and other walk-a-thons, collecting pledges and sponsors, giving back to our community.  What does Kevin have to say about his life?  No words needed, his smile says it all!

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