01.13.11 / Light One Candle

The Medford Mail Tribune’s Light One Candle series focuses on the needs of an individual, family or agency during the holiday season. A plea was made by Living Opportunities for an individual named Alana, a girl with cerebral palsy who was abandoned by her mother at birth. After years of being in a large state facility in Salem with no family to care for her, Alana has found a home with Living Opportunities. Our staff, her surrogate family, asked the Light One Candle readers for therapeutic gifts to enrich Alana’s life. Through an overwhelming community response, we received donations to purchase all the gifts requested!

Another Light One Candle story highlighted the many challenges that a child with autism brings to a family, and how important it is for them to have communication and behavior intervention training to help avert crisis. Donations from readers will help to keep another child safe, at home, with their family, by supporting Living Opportunities’ Semita Consulting.

Our sincere thanks go out to all the donors who responded to these stories and made the holidays much brighter for Alana and the families with autistic children served by Living Opportunities.

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